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How to coordinate translations

General Information

The translation work will be coordinated on the translation list. We're still not sure if we'll use this page for more than just general information on the translation process or the Indymedia Translation Tool. Anyways you can subscribe to the list of your language (starting with www-) if you are interested in helping out.

For general information on the media work around the summit subscribe to imc-g8 (in english) or imc-g8-2007 (in german).

How to use this page

To add a translation request, click the edit button to the right of the To Do section and add a new row at the top of the table (below the header lines, which are preceded by a ! mark). You add a row by writing |- |Document |Description |Language, each on a seperate line, replacing these words with your document's details. The document's name should be a link to where it can be found (see here to learn how to do links in MediaWiki).

If you want to volunteer to do a translation, click the edit button to the right of the Being Done section and add a new row at the top of the table as above with the details of the document you will be translating. Don't forget to remove the corresponding row from the To Do section. When you're finished, you have to move the document you've translated to the Done section, telling people where you've put your translation by providing a link to where it can be found.

To Do

Document Description From --> To
IMCInfoMail Call out sent to global and local IMC's [en] --> [all possible]
Translators Call Call for help with imc-g8 translations into as many languages as possible [en] --> [all possible]

Being Done

Document From --> To Who
Document From --> To Who


Document Description Translations
Translators Call German Translators Call
Translators Call Italiano Translators_Call#.5Bit.5D
IMCInfoMail Italiano IMCInfoMail Italiano


Documents etc. on how translations can be coordinated or have been:

recent email on translation, german [de] [de] [de] [de]

Indymedia Translation Lists

Indymedia Translation Tool