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Picture Desk


  • To achieve a more ambitious and aesthetically pleasing imagery in the reports about the protests.
  • Raise awareness for security issues related to images.
  • Provide the reporters with good images for their articles/videos etc.

Set Up::

Server for image management

  • all data on encrypted disks,
  • Images can be accessed via an Online Gallery (internal network)

workstations for image manipulation

  • to work on the crude data
  • to upload


Photo postings

  • an extra point in the process of posting with an extra site in between with tips how to do stuff and about security.

Daily Picture-Post

Basically a "best of" two or three times a day

Shared Image Pool

  • delete Thumbnails and Exifs
  • pixel faces
  • water marks


  • concerning security

Important, don't forget:

  • secure deleting of crude data
  • tips for behaviour (concerning what? on demo's towards activists? was: verhaltenstipps)
  • howto taking pictures without faces

contact g8-foto@riseup.net

irc.indymedia.org: #g8-foto