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Info-Email for international imcistas who would like to come to the g8 summit and help out.

Dear Imcistas!

The G8 summit is knocking on our doors and probably you've asked yourselves: Why aren't they calling for help in Germany? Why isn't there any information on G8 on the german Indymedia Site? Well...


What, When, Where?

  • 1 Mediacentre in Rostock-Evershagen (mainly indymedia, radio)
  • 1 Mediacentre in Rostock City (mainly radio/video)
  • 1 Mediacentre in Berlin (?)
  • 1 Mediacentre in Hamburg (?)
  • Infopoints at the Camps


Rostock "Frieda"

Camp Reddelich

Convergence Center Hamburg

Convergence Center Berlin