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Hi everybody out there in the indymedia worlds,

the next G8 is on our doorstep, starting with a big demonstration on June 2nd in Rostock, in less than 3 weeks. Most indymedia websites have reported about the wave of repression that has hit the German protest preparation last week. We were very glad to see so much care and attention all over the network.

There will be one week of action and protest, there will be many, many media activists, and we want to invite you to join us. In Rostock or whereever you are, doing the many things indymedia is good at: independent coverage of the summit protests.

We have prepared some things and we need your help now!

Details about what we have prepared so far:

Independent Media Centre (IMC) - Reclaim the Media!

The IMC is a media collective which will be organising reporting on the official G8 summit, the alternative summit, and especially the protests. The IMC promotes a method of reporting which does not treat news as goods. Instead it is about grassroots reporting, by the people involved in the protests themselves, by you!


We want to offer you the possibility to publish your observations and experiences through texts, photos/images, audio or video clips; directly from the streets, to disseminate all over the world. Don’t wait for the news industry to spin out stories about your life and our movements, instead help create and determine the news and together we can tell the peoples news by making the stories ourselves!

This is how it works at the G8 2007:

The IMC is located at the protest centre in the Evershagen school, together with the convergence centre. Here, in the camps and in the 2nd media centre in Rostock City (Friedrichstr. 23), we will set up computers with public access. Just look out for the ((i)) sign. You can use these computers to write your texts and upload your reports with or without your images and photos. If you are a radio or video activist, you can also come to the IMC and find fellow activists with similar ideas, as well as people with knowledge and experience in case you need technical support.

Independent Media - tune in here:

Internet: You can find up-to-date news and reports in different languages on Various other media collectives are also linked on this page.

Mobil phone (WAP): If you have a relatively new mobile phone, you can access This wap-ticker will always keep you up to date with reports about what has happened around Heiligendamm.

Radio: You can find our radio programs on and in different languages on From the 1st to the 9th of June we will have a radio live-stream with practical information about the latest developments on the spot as well as several streaming-programs for independent radio stations throughout the world. It might be useful to carry a small radio with you.

Video: The latest video-clips can be found on From June 2nd - 8th, at 9.00 p.m. they will stream a half hour program with the ‘News of the Day’ in German and English language. There will also be public screenings of these and other videos at the convergence centre and at the camps.

Print: We will try to come up with a tiny daily/nightly ‘newspaper.’ It will be available on the internet, so that everyone can print, copy and share it. We will try to make these ‘newspapers’ available at every camp.


If you make an important observation that has to go out immediately for the up-to-date news or the newsticker: Call: 0162-3568957 (sms and maybe mms possible as well). Watch out for more phone numbers!This number is only for incoming news, and not an info hotline!

If you want to participate in the IMC as a translator (all languages), reporter, tech or in any other form, send an email to (public archive) or …or just drop in at the IMC at the convergence centre If you want to help out the radio, e.g. as reporter: Contact for video activists: Contact for still images: General questions and information about the IMC: 0162-8727086 Any kind of donation or support is welcome and highly appreciated!

One more request:

Taking pictures or video at a protest brings great responsibility with it. Your material could get people into big trouble no matter whether they are actively participating or just standing by. Therefore: Take pictures in a way so that faces can not be recognised (during actions). Make sure that you take memory-cards/-chips and films to a secure location regularly, to minimise the risk of confiscation by the police. In any case, before publishing: All people’s faces must be blurred! Even those of people who might not have been directly part of an action at that time.

Important: Make sure that the date and time of your camera is set correctly, because this can be crucial evidence afterwards. Do help document police violence and actions in general.

If you report on the protests on your own website and/or upload photos and videos, please tag your posts with "g8" and "heiligendamm" so they become part of the independent summit reporting.

( ( ( i ) ) )

R e s i s t – R e f u s e - R e p o r t

... independent news from the streets for the global community !!!

What, When, Where?

  • 1 Mediacentre in Rostock-Evershagen (mainly indymedia, radio)
  • 1 Mediacentre in Rostock City (mainly radio/video)
  • 1 Mediacentre in Berlin (?)
  • 1 Mediacentre in Hamburg (?)
  • Infopoints at the Camps


Rostock "Frieda"

Camp Reddelich

Convergence Center Hamburg

Convergence Center Berlin