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==G8 Reporting Guides==
==G8 Reporting Guides==
* Blurring people's faces [[Bluring faces_de|de]] | [[Bluring faces_en|en]]
* Blurring people's faces [[Gesichter_verfremden|de]] | [[Bluring faces_en|en]]
* Resizing images [[Resizing images_de|de]] | [[Resizing images_en|en]]
* Resizing images [[Resizing images_de|de]] | [[Resizing images_en|en]]

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Welcome to the G8 Indymedia wiki

Somewhere for media activists at the next G8 summit in Germany, June 2007, to work collaboratively.

Please install the CAcert root certificate to ensure that there are no encryption warnings in your browser.


Rostock Meeting

A group of German and international media activists met alongside the Second G8 Action Conference in Rostock on 11-12 November, 2006, with the aim of discussing the needs and plans for reporting on the protests and actions during the next G8 summit in Germany in June 2007... General Call

Rostock Meeting Minutes

Ideas & Proposals


An effective system to disseminate accurate, reliable and up-to-date information.

There is a dispatch software under development. We talked about it and tried to figure out if it would be useful. The project can be found at: http://ivendys.alchemy25.de

Media Pool

Something like a collective source of different media.

--> If there is a media pool, it will be THE target of police actions, because there would be photos, videos... on it which can serve as evidence.

  • locate the server in a country wich can not be attacked by europe/usa police
  • encrypt the data in a way that all media activists can access it but nobody can be forced to give it to the police.

Media Centre(s)

Room Requests

See the Rooms Overview page.

See the EvershagenRooms page.

Big Screens

To have big screens at/outside the media centre(s), where we could display up-to-date information about what's happening in various places (a kind of timeline(s), for example). On the hand, many more people would have access to reliable info, even those who don't know how/don't have time to use computers. On the other, it's would take off a lot of pressure on the media centre(s), especially the 'staff' and the number of computers we need.

Tech Stuff

See the Tech Stuff page.


Here are drafts for finance applications or generally to present what our plans are. Both only in German (sorry until know no time for translation)

Finance_One Long detailed list

Finance_Two Short overview, one page

Concept_Three Mix of both, four pages

G8 Reporting Guides

  • Blurring people's faces de | en
  • Resizing images de | en

Some Useful Reading