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Welcome to the G8 Indymedia wiki

Somewhere for media activists at the next G8 summit in Germany, June 2007, to work collaboratively.

Please install the CAcert root certificate to ensure that there are no encryption warnings in your browser and your connection to theserver is not being eavesdropped on!

Practical Information

General about the protests:


Indymedia / Media activism related

Planning (before the summit)

Reporting (during the summit)

G8 Reporting Guides

We're here to report, for that we need information. Here's the place to collect them and make them available

To Do

  • Ask indymedia groups/anybody to place the call for donations de

Spendenbutton.gifSpendenbutton en.gif

  • Write an English Call for Donations

Tech Stuff


Some things from the beginning of this wiki have been moved here: Archive