Zing - How To Zing A Rice

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In countries who have had much rice in them, they tend to make some designs and zingin it. Like in cooking your rice, you will cook it in a bamboo piece of cut and burn it, and after a few minutes, it will become more tastier and smells good. It is a Zing that the minds of the people make use to it. Most likely, they make more designs on how to ZING a rice. It will be more attractive to look at if you try to do this at home.

You can make rice some zing, by putting an egg on the top of the rice, you will experience a sticky rice and has a smell like egg. It is much better to have some zings in a rice so that the people who will eat will make some reactions that your rice has a good taste. And that will be much appreciated by you. If you don't want to get the egg on the rice, when you put it in the table, don't get the egg on the top of it. Cause it will make a zing on the eyes of the people.