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Invitation to collaborate with IMC Germany on G8 features and more



At the begin of june, the G8 Summit will take place in northern germany. Indymedia germany will be active in a media-centre near the meeting place and organizes the structure for the mediaactivists that will follow up the summit and the protest-actions.

To brief the readers in regard to content before the g8-events begin, we want to arrange a kind of an article-series to cover all the topics which will be discussed during G8 negotiations, such as:

  • education
  • work / trade / globalisation
  • migration
  • militarization / war
  • agriculture / bio tech
  • ecology / climate
  • foreign policy / war (e.g. Iran)
  • anti-terror / repression
  • debt release

and many more.

We are interested in the perspective of your group/region/country on this topics. Therefore, we want to ask you to write an article, telling how your group is affected by the outcomes of such meetings, how your group prepares itself for g8 and what you expect from the protests. The text should have a direct link with the g8-issues. This way we can give the readers an impression of how g8 affects our lives and for you it will be an opportunity to introduce and express yourself at a very exposed position (middle column on the main page of indy or special feature on the regarding topic page) to an audience which due to the upcoming events is highly interested in these matters.

You could write the text in your own language (spanish, english and french would be most easy for us to translate).

The protest-community against the G8 Summit will be diverse. this diversity should be presented on Indymedia as well to express the ideas and wishes of all different groups and people on the events. This shall make the readers realize, what dimension the plans of the state-leaders of the g8 have and mobilize them to the events. please help us with this concern!

If you want to support this idea, please contact us. You can write back to the adress you see upside or to our g8-preparation-list:

We are looking forward to an interesting cooperation!