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If you want to receive press releases, invitation etc. via a mailing list, subscribe.

The rules ;)

This is just an offer, no need to take it...

It's meant to have all kinds of information sent to commercial media, such as press declarations, invitations, announcements sent to the media. And since we're here to report we thought that some of us want to have these, too.

Of course it's also possible to just make your email address individually available to all the organisations who send out press declarations - that will likely result in you getting less spam. *This* new list is bound to catch a lot of spam, as we will somehow advertise it as *the address to sent your press declarations to*. However, please do NOT PUBLISH it anywhere or else we will have 200 spam mails a day.

So. If you still want to have it, the list to subscribe to is

There will be all languages, mostly German, of course. But also English.

Please don't complain. Not to indymedia anyway. It's up to you ;).

If you do subscribe: please do not send anything to the list except for press declarations and the like that - are new - haven't been sent before

If you want to suggest any source of information we should subscribe to please ask before you subscribe whether we're already subscribed. Please add all sources we are subscribing here: