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Overviews of protests and actions: Dissent | G8-Xtra | Protest Coalition

Days of Action

Besides opposing the G8 Summit in general, mobilisations against the G8 have focused on certain big issues, with calls for corresponding internaltional days of actions. These currently include:

Day of Action on Agriculture - Sunday, 3rd June

Day of Action on Migration - Monday, 4th June

Day of Action Against Militarism - Tuesday, 5th June

Day of Action on - Friday, 8th June

Protests in Germany

Anti-Military Action in Bombodrom - Friday, 1st June

International Demonstration in Rostock - Saturday, 2nd June

and Anti-Nazi demo in Schwerin


G8 Alternative Summit


G8 Protest Diary

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Coreography of Summit (by dissent)

When What Where Description
When What Where Description


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