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How to coordinate translations

General Information

The translation work is being coordinated on - specifically on the following channels:

  • #g8-translation - general coordination and de->en/es
  • #it - italian language translation
  • #francophone - french language translation
  • #g8-work - not for translation, but people here can help turn your translation into a feature or a newswire article.

If you don't know how to use IRC chat, you will find a short introduction on the linked page above and a longer one on the IRC Howto page.

We are also using this wiki page to keep track of translation. Don't forget to keep it up to date! Even if you are not translating, we still need people keeping an eye on the newswire for important articles.

There are also at least a couple of native english speakers in the IMC centre that are happy to edit english text. So if you are not confident with your translation, then ask in #g8-translation or around the centre for help.

For general information on the media work around the summit subscribe to imc-g8 (in english) or imc-g8-2007 (in german).


There is no central coordinator - if you see something that needs doing, then do it! There should be people on the #g8-translations channel that can help you with questions.

Requests for translation

If you see an important article on the newswire, then please add a translation request below. There are not many translators and we often do not have good internet access - the process can be dramatically improved if we can simply sit down and start translating.

How to use this page

To add a translation request, click the edit button to the right of the To Do section and add a new row at the top of the table (below the header lines, which are preceded by a ! mark). You add a row by writing |- |Document |Description |Language, each on a seperate line, replacing these words with your document's details. The document's name should be a link to where it can be found (see here to learn how to do links in MediaWiki).

If you want to volunteer to do a translation, click the edit button to the right of the Being Done section and add a new row at the top of the table as above with the details of the document you will be translating. Don't forget to remove the corresponding row from the To Do section. When you're finished, you have to move the document you've translated to the Done section, telling people where you've put your translation by providing a link to where it can be found.

To Do

Document Description From --> To
G8-Proteste: Aktionstag Landwirtschaft feature [de] --> [en/es]
1000 m2 Genmais unschaedlich gemacht short article about large direct action on Landwirtschaftstag [de] --> [all possible]
Anwaltlicher Notdienst stellt erfolgreich Eilanträge gegen Platzverweise short article about legal issues, important for camp members [de] --> [all possible]

Being Done

Document From --> To Who
Document From --> To Who


Document Description Translations
Document Description Translations


Documents etc. on how translations can be coordinated or have been:

recent email on translation, german [de] [de] [de] [de]

Indymedia Translation Lists

Indymedia Translation Tool