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General Tech

What's needed & what we already have

This should be coordinated with the techworx-team. --Briks 03:40, 29 March 2007 (BST)

We need:

Hardware List

We have:

   * computer
         o 1x for video editing (in nrw)
   * Monitors (in B., all untested)
         o 1x Infinity NF-564 15
         o 2x Fujitsu x154 15
         o 1x Nokia 449M 15
         o 2x Olivetti CDU 1562 15
   * Keyboards (in B., all untested)
         o 2x Keyboards
   * Mouse (in B., all untested)
         o 3x PS2-Connector
   * Cables (in B.,, all untested)
         o different power-cables (pc)
         o network-cables (old)

Hardware Call

Audio and Radio Streaming

This part is probably obsolete, since there is an indymedia-independent radio group, taking care of it's own hardware. --Briks 03:39, 29 March 2007 (BST)

We need a pc, that runs a streaming client and connects to a streaming server anywhere outsite the mediacenter. Content source is either a digital file on this pc or a analog (digital) live stream that arrives the line input of the soundcard.

Streaming clients


Special requirements

We need loadbalancing / trafficshaping on the routers, to hold the bandwidth streaming demands.

Audio studio equipment

We have:

   * 1 x big mixer (behringer MX2442)
   * 1 x compressor (behringer, 4 lines)
   * 2 x effect processor


Background Info

LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)